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Located in the heritage city of Mysore, Chaitra Public School aims at providing holistic education to children with a joyful learning environment. Education at our school is more of an awakening with finest opportunities for students to achieve high standards in their life as a whole. We strongly believe there should be no limitations to your child’s ambitions. We provide enough freedom to our students to be themselves and to fully explore all the educational opportunities available to them.

Every teacher at Chaitra Public School goes beyond academics and channelizes the energy of the students in a positive manner. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach in the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating.

We strategically work towards inculcating skills like critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving through thoughtfully-designed and well-structured programs.

Why Choose Chaitra

We are committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity. Our constant efforts are towards enabling an environment where learning becomes a natural process in every aspect. We work towards evolving a learning process and environment.

Every student is given individual attention in every endeavor of theirs because these formative years in a person’s life are instrumental in shaping them as responsible citizens.

For limitless dreams that brew inside of every child, we strive endlessly to match with them by providing equal enterprising opportunities, letting them explore academic, curricular, and extra-curricular activities with equal farvour and priority.
Fire systems are installed at all key points across our premises. We have multiple CCTV cameras installed at various points inside the school premises to ensure the safety and security of our children.